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Stunt Engineering

Bespoke mechanical engineering services for stunt activities.

Cages and cannons

Car / bike ramp systems

Gimbals and motion control systems

Pneumatic ram systems

Action camera rigs

Flying and wire work equipment

Permanent and fully mobile workshops

Our engineering service is fully mobile and containerised for placement anywhere in the world while normally residing in Harpenden, UK. Additionally, we have a base workshop facility in Germany which has a long history as an industry leader, supplying highly specialised components to the very demanding motorsports industry, working closely with major manufacturers such as BMW, Opel, VW and Holden. 

From individual components to complete chassis construction of race vehicles of all types including circuit and off-road race vehicles, motorcycle prototypes and racing bikes. In addition we can offer free-style metal sculpting services for any type of realistic or abstract forms. 

Our technical group are able to interpret the requirements of almost any mechanical engineering concept, render designs in CAD, and efficiently manufacturer them using our state of the art manufacturing facilities which includes laser cutting, fabrication and machining equipment, augmented by our mobile containerised engineering facilities for field work on set.

Stunt Engineering Gallery