Dave Judge - Action Director & Stunt Coordinator

Dave has created some memorable and truly breathtaking moments in action film production while exercising the maximum care to ensure risk of incident or accident is kept to an acceptable minimum. With a philosophy that anything is possible, Dave has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from as well as unique creativity both in concept development and practical solution.

Finding increased involvement in a Directing role; in 2011 Dave was honored to undertake the Directing of key action scenes of Bollywood blockbuster and internationally acclaimed “Talaash” featuring India’s leading stars Ahmir Khann and Karina Kapour. The film involved a number of high end stunt sequences demanding many of Dave’s expertise in vehicle action, wire work and underwater work.

With a keen eye for intense action and a firm understanding of camera optimization Dave has excelled in this area of film production.

Selected stunt coordinator credits

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